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AutoCAD is the leader in CAD drafting. AutoCAD adds a specialized toolset that allows architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals build more detailed construction drawings.


SketchUp is a very powerful tool for Architects and Designers, as it gives you a realistic view of the actual project you are creating. It turns the pencil drawing into a flexible 3D model which you can orbit in every angle and get a clear conception of the exterior and interior of the building.


Photoshop is a very versatile software tool for architects, as flexible for seamlessly compositing different elements into a beautiful photomontage as it is making your renders look even more stunning. Photoshop can turn an average looking image or drawing into a stellar asset for a project.

One will definitely be able to build the projects completely from scratch to the final rendered product after the completion of the course.

Demand for Architects, Draftsman, 3D Visualizer will surge over the next five years, driven by a rising need in private residential and infrastructure markets. To help meet this demand, Aladdin Academy develops the training program based upon real industry method of operation.