The Quantity Surveyor is one of team of professional advisors to the construction industry. As advisors they estimate and monitor construction cost, from the feasibility stage of a project through to the completion of the construction period.

Role of Quantity  Surveyor :

Quantity Surveyors make Bill of Quantities (BOQ), a documents which itemises the quantities of work in construction project. This is measured from drawings, to be used by contractors for tendering and for progress payments, for variation, changes and ultimately for statistics, taxation and valuation. They work closely with architects, site engineer, contractors, supplier, project owner, project engineer and accountant.

At feasibility stage quantity surveyors use their knowledge of construction methods to achieve requirements on most economical way. Quantity surveyors may use techniques such as cost planning, Estimating, cost analysis, cost-in use studies and value management to establish a project budget.

During construction the quantity surveyors are called on to fairly value progress payments at regular intervals. They must ensure the design remains on budget through cost management and analysis. They will also value changes to design or quantities which may arise by reference to Bill of quantities rates. When construction is complete the quantity surveyor may  produce depreciation schedules of the various project components. In case of construction disputes the quantity surveyors is often called as an expert witness and some quantity surveyors act as arbitrators. Quantity Surveyor must have orderly an analytical minds and be prepared to work to a very rigid time schedules.

Highlights :

  • Course handled by Industry Experts
  • ISO Certified Certificate will be provided
  • Course Curriculum  designed for Working In Gulf Countries and India
  • Reference manual will be provided
  • Concepts will be explained in detail practically
  • Manual and computer training with MS Office Excel sheet & Autocadd
  • Encouragement and Counselling for Professional Development
  • Quantity Surveyor has huge vacancies in Gulf Countries and India

Career Opportunities

  • Architecture Consultants needs Quantity Surveyor.
  • Structural  Consultants needs Quantity Surveyor.
  • Project managers  Consultant (PMC)  needs Quantity Surveyor.
  • Contractor needs Quantity Surveyor.
  • Client needs Quantity Surveyor.

Pay scale:

  • Average pay scale 2.2 lakh – 15 lakh per annum (India)
  • Average pay scale 22 lakh – 60 lakh per annum (Gulf countries)
  • Most Experience people have more than Average Pay scale

Who can join Course

  • ITI/ Diploma in Civil Engineering Students
  • B.E/B Tech in Civil Engineering Students
  • M.E/M Tech in Construction Management Students
  • M.E/M Tech in Structural Engineering Students
  • Anyone who are interested in Construction Industry